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Building intercom manufacturer introduction: Troubleshooting techniques of building intercom system

Building intercom manufacturer introduction: Troubleshooting techniques of building intercom system

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Building intercom manufacturer introduction: Troubleshooting techniques of building intercom system

  With the improvement of national economic level and national security consciousness, the building intercom system of building intercom manufacturers has gradually been recognized by the residents, and has been widely used in many residential areas。As for building intercom manufacturers, which quality will be better, which is more trustworthy and positive, which is a problem to consider when you choose, then building intercom manufacturers to share troubleshooting skills of building intercom system:

  First, look at the visual method to observe whether the components have hard damage, which is easy to cause in construction。Check whether the wire connection is wrong or disconnected, which is often accidentally connected by the workers or the owner of the decoration。Building talkback manufacturers suggest to see if the components are burnt or not, which is generally due to the prior current limiting resistance burnt or fuse blown。In addition, a variety of functional indicators are bright, such as the power indicator is not bright that is no power, then the first should be connected to the power to check other problems。

  Two, listen to the main is to listen to whether the relay beat or component is blown up, check the lock signal switch, such as video, audio, power and so on。楼宇

  Talkback manufacturers remind you that in this process, if there is a beating, it is the line problem or the relay contact is bad, and it needs to be corrected and replaced。

  If there is a burning smell, it must be a fault parts。Generally, they need to be replaced. The building intercom manufacturer prompts you to find out the reason first and then replace it。Generally, it is caused by wrong connection, such as reverse polarity connection of the power supply, reverse connection of the signal line and the power line. If it is not eliminated in time, it will continue to burn out the original, so it is useless to replace more parts。

  Four, the replacement of the building talkback manufacturer introduction: if there is any doubt about what parts or equipment problems, available intact parts or equipment replacement, such as troubleshooting, it indicates that there is a problem with the previous parts, on the contrary, the parts themselves no problem。For example, if you find a decoder or extension connected, it will lead to the whole unit can not call. If the whole unit is normal after replacement, it can be determined that the replaced decoder or extension is bad。Notice If the problem cannot be solved after two replacement, you can determine that the fault is not caused by this part。Because any building talkback manufacturer is generally impossible to have two equipment factory problems, can not continue to change, to find out the reason after the first replacement, if really can not find out, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer。Five exclusion building intercom manufacturers remind: broken off a part of the parts or system equipment, if the problem is solved or excluded, it shows that the broken part or equipment has problems, direct replacement can solve the problem。For example, if a unit is faulty, the call fails,Replacing a good host still doesn't solve the problem,You can be sure it's not a host problem,It is possible that there is a decoder in the unit (platform decoding fault isolated system) or the extension (bus system extension decoding),还有可能是单元主线有问题;此时LBET竞技就用排除法一点点的排除。The above is the building intercom manufacturers to share troubleshooting building intercom system failure skills, hope to help you。For the building intercom system or related equipment failure, it is suggested that this kind of fault to assist the supplier technicians to solve together (special note: most of the floor platform of the building intercom system, the video reason is mainly in the transmission line and impedance mismatch problem), it is recommended that we must choose the top building intercom manufacturers。

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