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Building intercom host installation steps and key points

Building intercom host installation steps and key points

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Building intercom host installation steps and key points

The rapid development of science and technology today,Electronic products are also emerging,Especially all kinds of building intercom system more and more popular,For the development of enterprises and people's life has brought greater convenience,The following Xiaobian is fortunate to invite the senior building intercom system installation mechanism,This chapter introduces the installation procedure and key points of building intercom host。

2. The installation position and height of the equipment box should meet the design requirements. If there is no design requirement, the building intercom host should be installed in a hidden or safe place, and the bottom edge should be 1 away from the ground.4m。When installed, the box should be horizontal and not tilted。When the main engine of the building intercom is concealed, the box should be close to the surface of the building. It is strictly prohibited to weld the box and the embedded pipe together by electric welding or gas welding. The pipe box should be fixed with locks。
3. Equipment installation The power box is usually installed on the inner wall of the anti-theft iron door and should not be too far away from the electric control lock, generally within 8m。Do not put it upside down or side down when the power supply is working normally。Installation of main engine at door。The door host is usually embedded in the security door or wall host embedded box。The bottom margin of the host should not be higher than 1.5m, the operation panel should face visitors and be easy to operate, the installation should be firm and reliable, and the effective range of the camera lens should be guaranteed。Building intercom host equipment outdoor intercom door host installation。Between the host and the wall to prevent rain into people, to use glass glue to plug the gap, the host installation height is 1 camera from the ground.5m。Indoor unit installation height center 1 away from the ground.3-1.5m, the installation should be firm and reliable, straight and not inclined, networking type (visual) intercom system of bamboo mechanism should be installed in the monitoring center or the community out of the population on duty room installation should be firm and reliable。
4. Equipment wiring Before connecting the main equipment of the building intercom, check the insulation between the laid cables and the cables to the ground again. After the cables are qualified, they can be terminated according to the equipment wiring diagram。If the building intercom host adopts special connectors to connect with cables, the compression should be firm and reliable, and the terminal should be numbered according to the drawings。The shielding layer of the device and cable should be crimped properly. The grounding resistance value should meet the design requirements。最后专业的Building intercom system安装机构指出,通电调试前应检查楼宇对讲主机设备,待全部安装完毕后,必须全面检查各个部位的接线是否正确;特别要检查电源线是否接错,正负极间是否有短路。
In short, the building intercom host system must be carefully installed, only the correct installation of the building intercom system to intimate and convenient service for everyone。 

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