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Analysis of seven common security technology problems in intelligent community

Analysis of seven common security technology problems in intelligent community

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Analysis of seven common security technology problems in intelligent community

Intelligent community, in a broad sense, is the use of modern building technology and modern computer, communication, control and other high-tech, the property management, security, communication and other systems integrated together, and through the communication network connected to the property management office, for the community residents to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient modern living environment。In a narrow sense, it includes residential automation system, family information service system, property management system and community public service system。

  Intelligent community seven security technologies

  I. Closed-circuit monitoring system

  Closed-circuit monitoring system as one of the monitoring and information means of working area security state, combined with internal intercom system, public address system, remote echo, can reduce the work intensity of managers, improve management quality and management benefits。Closed circuit monitoring system as a modern security powerful auxiliary means,It transmits the video images or danger signals of each site to the main control center and the sub-management room,The manager on duty can carry out centralized monitoring of each area objectively without being present at the scene,Discover the situation unified transfer,Guided evacuation,Save a lot of patrols,Many human factors can be avoided with fewer people,To ensure the implementation of a properly handled program in the shortest possible time。

  Two, intrusion alarm system

  Intrusion alarm system is generally composed of detector, alarm controller, linkage controller, analog display screen and searchlight。The general intrusion alarm system uses linear detector。Linear detector adopts dual/four-channel active infrared detector to prevent illegal crossing alarm system。The system adopts fuzzy control technology to effectively avoid the influence of small animals, sundry, snowstorm, etc. on detection and alarm, and at the same time to ensure the immediate alarm of larger objects and people's illegal crossing behavior。When the detector detects the intrusion signal, it will give an alarm to the property contact center of the community. The linkage controller of the contact center will turn on the searchlight of the relevant area, send out the alarm siren, start the video recorder, simulate the electronic screen to dynamically display the alarm area, and the monitoring computer of the contact center will pop up the electronic map。

  3. Access control system

  The access control system is to manage the important passageway of intelligent residence。The gate control system can control the entry and exit of people, but also can control the behavior of people in the building and sensitive areas。Install control devices, such as card reader, fingerprint reader, password keyboard, etc. at the door of the building and in the elevator。To enter, residents must have a card or enter the correct PIN number, or press a special finger to be allowed through。The access control system can effectively manage the opening and closing of the door, ensure the free access of authorized personnel and restrict the unauthorized personnel。

  Four, electronic patrol system

  Patrol system is a means for managers to check whether the patrol personnel arrive at the designated place at the designated time according to the patrol route。The patrol system helps managers to know the performance of patrol personnel, and managers can change the patrol route at any time through the software to meet the needs of different occasions。Patrol system is divided into wired and wireless two kinds:

  The wireless patrol system consists of information button, patrol recorder, download, computer and management software。信息钮扣安装在现场,如各住宅楼门口附近、车库、主要道路旁等处;巡更手持记录器由巡更人员值勤时随身携带;下载器是联接手持记录器和电脑进行信息交流的部件,它设置在电脑房。Wireless patrol system has simple installation, do not need a special computer, and the system expansion, modification, management is very convenient。

  Wired patrol system is more personnel in the provisions of the patrol route, according to the designated time and place to management computer sent back signals to indicate normal, if in the specified time, the signal is not sent to the management computer, or does not appear in accordance with the order of the signal, the system will be considered abnormal。In this way, problems or dangers to patrol personnel will be quickly detected。

  Five, smart house security system

  Home anti-theft alarm system, it is composed of the security center management host, home alarm, all kinds of sensors and transmission lines。The entry point is mainly doors and Windows. Sensors are deployed to protect important places and areas of the family, so that the owners can live in a safer and more comfortable environment。The following describes the sensors: Window status sensor and door status sensor,Gas leak alarm,Smoke alarm,Security systems such as panic buttons are used inside the home,An infrared probe, a window magnetic door magnetic switch, a smoke detector, an emergency alarm button, etc. will be installed in each owner's home,A doorway host is set at the entrance of each unit,Set up a management host in the security center。When guests come to visit,Press the outdoor button or the respondent's room number,The household extension will ring,同时,The indoor unit display automatically opens,Displays the visitor's image and outdoor conditions,Host and guest intercom,After confirming the identity, the door can be remotely controlled by the lock key of the indoor extension to allow the guests to enter,After the guests enter the gate,Automatic gate closing。

  In addition, through the community network, can realize the whole community all installed home security system users for centralized security alarm management。Each home security system through the bus can be the alarm signal transmitted to the management center, management personnel can confirm the location and type of the alarm, at the same time, the computer also displays some information related to the household, for the security personnel timely and correct alarm processing。

  6. Peripheral protection system

  Perimeter guard fence alarm system mainly monitors the surrounding situation of buildings to prevent illegal invasion, is the first line of defense of burglar alarm system, is also a very important line of defense。

  Perimeter sensors detect intruders as soon as they enter a protected area and alert them before they get close to the person or property being protected。An effective outdoor security system can provide a return on investment in equipment by reducing the risk of theft, reducing vandalism and human injury。

  Seven, visual intercom system

  Traditional analog visual intercom system is composed of management center, visual outdoor host, visual indoor extension power supply and so on。It can realize three-party communication, building intercom, image monitoring, comprehensive alarm, door lock opening, alarm memory, center comprehensive management。The system adopts 485 wiring transmission mode. According to different requirements, it can be connected with external door magnet, infrared, smoke sensor, gas probe and computer center, workstation and "110" alarm center, implementing community intelligent management。

  Digital network intercom system adopts network signal transmission,In addition to all the functions of the above analog visual intercom system,It is also equipped with value-added services such as video call (viop), pstn call (ordinary phone), security alarm, e-mail, weather forecast, community information announcement, and multimedia advertising。


  Intelligent community security common problems solution

  There will always be such or such problems in the use and operation of intelligent community, which are caused by design defects, problems existing in installation and improper use of factors。Here is a summary of common problems and solutions!

  The line marking is confused or unmarked during the cabling process

  Here all system wiring is incorporated into the cabling complex。Wiring system engineering is the longest construction period, the largest manpower investment in the whole project, but also the most important link in the whole system, in the construction of modern residential areas are mostly hidden projects, are permanent links。

  There is often confusion or even no marking in the wiring,The installation, commissioning and maintenance of the project left no small trouble,The line is not marked. When the equipment is installed and adjusted, manpower must be invested to measure the line twice,After the completion of the project is still unclear or even no marking will cause difficulties in maintenance work,So in the wiring process must be marked on each line clearly,This will not only save installation costs,More convenient engineering installation and commissioning。

  The cause of this kind of site is caused by the project management is not in place, the solution is to carry out comprehensive training for the construction personnel and strict requirements in the construction。

  There are no waterproof and sunscreen measures for outdoor wiring ends

  The line needs to be connected in the outdoor end must have waterproof sunscreen and other measures to delay the service life of the system and system stability。

  In the case of no waterproof and sunscreen treatment measures, the line terminal is easy to age, resulting in instability of the system, resulting in high repair rate, and even in the case of not timely maintenance, resulting in system paralysis。

  The solution:

  1, can be in the indoor end of the line as far as possible in the indoor end, even if the extension of some lines, the bus system can use hand-in-hand wiring;

  2, the outdoor end of the part can be sealed treatment, in order to delay aging, the disadvantage of this method is that the system maintenance and line maintenance is not convenient, if the need to disassemble the line must be resealed treatment;

  3, can add outdoor wiring box, all in the outdoor end of the line into the wiring box end, this method not only solves the outdoor end waterproof sunscreen problem, but also easy maintenance。

  The height of the intercom host is not appropriate

  Most intercom hosts are installed with the bottom of the host 1 off the ground.5 meters shall prevail, but because the host height of each manufacturer is different, so the specific height to be installed must be based on the entity, should be in accordance with the height of the camera as the standard, so as to make the indoor extension more clearly see the visitors。Some residential units have steps in front of the door, so that the height of the visiting guests is not the unit door at the bottom of the door frame height, but further down one or even two steps, so the installation position of the host to fully consider the scene。

  Some hosts are installed on the wall of the unit door, which may be due to the small canopy of the building so that the host is exposed to the sun, rain phenomenon, which affects the stability and service life of the equipment。

  The solution:

  1. The door machine can be installed on the unit door, so as not to make the main engine explode outside the canopy;

  2. If the host must be installed on the wall, the size of the canopy can be increased or the protective device can be added to the host。

  In the closed circuit monitoring system, the line and the strong circuit are the same pipeline

  In the closed circuit monitoring wiring,Will often appear with the strong line parallel or even the same pipeline phenomenon,This phenomenon is mainly caused by ill-considered and unreasonable design,But it's not like we can do any wiring in this case,As long as we strive for in the construction or the stability and reliability of the system has been improved,Otherwise, there will be serious distortion in the surveillance image。

  The solution:

  1, the use of shielding effect is better or even double shielding cable;

  2, even in the same pipeline there may be more than one wire tube, do not and strong circuit in the same wire tube wiring;

  3, especially in the elevator wiring, because the elevator is strong power, the influence is greater, must strive for the distance with the strong circuit, even if it is one centimeter will make the image signal several times better;

  4. Increase anti-interference equipment。

  Exposing the occupant's privacy in a closed-circuit surveillance system

  The surveillance of the community can easily see the residents' homes, and the privacy of the owners will be exposed unknowingly. If there are video materials transferred without any reason, it will cause great harm to the owners, and may even cause lawsuits。


  1. Suitable location should be installed. Cameras in the community should be mainly installed in public places such as squares and traffic arteries;

  2, the camera should avoid the direction of the residence。

  The card reader in the parking lot is improperly installed

  Now the market card reader id, ic two kinds,Readability ranges from 10 cm to 10 m,For the medium and long distance card reader because the card reading distance is far,Usually drivers don't have to take the card,Just put the card in the car and wait for the car to pass by the card reader and it will read automatically,And for the 10cm close reader,The driver must roll down the window, take out the card and swipe it in front of the card reader to collect data,So the card reader must be located in a location that is easily accessible to the driver。Some areas due to site conditions, the vehicle reading card can not turn in and out, turn in and out can not read the card smoothly, so that the driver must get off to swipe the card and other phenomena, bring a lot of inconvenience to the owner。Solution: Fully investigate the site, choose a suitable and reasonable location to install the parking lot management equipment。

  Perimeter defense system installed normally closed mode alarm

  The general alarm can be divided into two kinds,One is usually open alarm,One is normally closed alarm,But normally closed alarm is not suitable for application in perimeter defense system,Because normally closed alarm in normally open condition is normal,And when the signal line is disconnected for some reason,The system still displays that the status is normal,They don't call the police,And normally open alarm as long as the line is disconnected phenomenon will alarm,To achieve the purpose of automatic detection system,Whichever method of alarm you choose has its advantages and disadvantages,But a broken line is much more likely than a short one,So I suggest the perimeter defense system normally open alarm is more suitable。

  Electronic patrol route is not suitable for electronic patrol is more divided into wired patrol and wireless patrol, because wireless electronic patrol more convenient installation, simple maintenance, system stability and many other advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional wired patrol system, bad patrol line will make the patrol personnel distracted。May make the patrol personnel have to enter the lawn to reach the patrol more point, especially to the rain and snow weather patrol personnel bring a lot of inconvenience。

  The solution:

  1, patrol line should be designed and installed with S-type line, strive for no dead Angle;

  2, patrol point should be installed in the patrol personnel easy to reach the place, generally for the roadside, unit in front of the door and other positions。

  The infrared detector in the home connected alarm system faces the window

  The home network alarm system brings a sense of security to the residents, but many false alarms will make the residents too much trouble。The false alarm rate is not only related to the selection of root products, but also has a close relationship with the installation of equipment。The installation of anti-theft devices in the home is mostly infrared detectors. If the installation of infrared detectors faces the Windows, electrical appliances with large temperature changes, there will be more false alarms。The most common problem in installation is that the effective range of the detector reaches outside the window, so that outdoor environmental factors cause more false positives。

  The solution:

  Orient the detector towards a more stable indoor environment。

  There will always be such problems in the process of installation and debugging, but we should try to reduce the occurrence of these problems, so as to avoid more problems and difficulties in the future use and maintenance。

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