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Intelligent building intercom: Building the linkage security line between family and community

Intelligent building intercom: Building the linkage security line between family and community

  • Release time:2021-11-23
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Intelligent building intercom: Building the linkage security line between family and community

  No matter in the family, or in the community, intelligent building intercom system plays an important role, is one of the indispensable security products。With the drive of 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, intelligent building intercom is no longer a single product, but has formed a complete system, integrating linkage video surveillance, smart home, anti-theft alarm, intelligent parking and other systems to achieve intelligent connectivity。

  In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy in our country and the remarkable improvement of people's living standards, many people pay attention to creating a warm and convenient home environment, smart home has gradually entered people's life。As an entry level product of intelligent home, building intercom system also takes this opportunity to develop rapidly in the tide of intelligent home。

  Connect the preceding and the following, and connect and connect

  In this context, as an important security equipment, building intercom plays an important role in community informatization, improving living quality, strengthening property communication services and other aspects。

  Based on market demand,Most of the current video talkback vendors are extending, experimenting and exploring the product lines needed to build smart communities,Except for video intercom,More terminal equipment (elevator control system, intercom system, access control system, home control, etc.) will also be integrated.,Extended property management, community security, smart parking, smart home control and docking community business areas and other functions,Provide comprehensive intelligent residential integration solutions,Create a smart living environment that is interconnected, comfortable and convenient。

  Integration integration, more complete functions

  From the point of view of market performance, all digital building intercom product technology is gradually mature。Compared with the traditional building intercom call, unlock and other simple functions, digital building intercom not only transmission distance is not restricted by the region, the realization of home appliance control, community services and other functions of integration, but also convenient installation and debugging, is conducive to shorten the project cycle, save money。

  Building intercom in addition to the traditional intercom unlocking function, but also a collection of smart home system functions, integrated lighting control, doors and Windows control, hvac control, home appliances control, audio and video control, intelligent door locks, intelligent security, intelligent health and many other smart home functions。Another feature is in the era of rapid development of mobile Internet,Building intercom extends from the traditional LAN communication range to the WAN cloud intercom system,It greatly improves the application range and value-added space of building intercom system,It even extends to smart community functionality,Very suitable for the original building intercom system upgrade and old community transformation。


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